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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a surrogate or egg donor, but I don't know where to start..

We are happy to hear you would like to become a surrogate or egg donor! The first step would be a consultation to ensure you meet the guidelines and get as much information as we can help you with. We would love to schedule something contact us today!

How do I know that Wishful Miracles Surrogacy Agency is the agency for me?

We are glad you asked! We are a small, hands on agency that works very closely with our Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors to ensure your journey is the best that it can be. We want you to feel like family and not like a number! Contact us today to learn more!

How do you customize your services for each client?

Here at Wishful Miracles, we strive to make sure you are get a tailored experience that is how you are expecting it. During your consultation and beyond, we will go over the needs and wants of your match making sure you are on the same page as we are at all times. This helps the journey go much smoother and makes it the most enjoyable as well.

Do you offer support for all of your clientele?

Yes! We offer constant support through Facetime, Zoom, Email, Text, Phone, WeChat, and any other form of communication that the client prefers.

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